Synergy creates opportunities

Synergy creates opportunities

Speed and automation in synergy for superlative results

Details make all the difference: a nicely taut elastic band fastening and a pen loop of exactly the right diameter are features that can transform an ordinary diary into an exclusive, luxury product. But to produce it, and meet the ever-growing demands of a very discerning market, we need to provide versatility and automation in finishing phases instead of manual procedures.

The automation of finishing

Manual workmanship is never free of flaws: for example, it is unable to guarantee the cutting of an elastic band to constant length, or its insertion into the body of the diary at the correct tension. Even the most highly skilled worker may make mistakes after many hours’ work, especially when it comes to minimal differences in size, such as in a pen loop, which must be exactly the right diameter as otherwise it will be useless, because the pen will be loose and will easily fall out.

As the Paper Flow event clearly demonstrated, every phase is fundamental for creating a diary that is perfect in every detail: after the Solema machine has cut the board, the Tecnomac machine has laminated the cover and the SCS one has finished the corners, it is the turn of the semiautomatic Peroni Ruggero machine, which provides the customised final touch by fitting and gluing a flat elastic band to the diary’s cover. 

Exclusive, luxury products

The automation of finishing, included in the synergistic Paper Flow processing sequence, is therefore the only solution for achieving top-class results and speeding up the realisation of exclusive products, giving added value to items such as diaries with elastic bands, boxes with grooves or magnets, and solutions designed for your specific needs.

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