Synergy creates opportunities

Synergy creates opportunities

Our machines are designed to pamper your product

GraphicArt and PaperBoard are the two keys along the PaperFlow group: each step of the process is critical to get perfection in finished products. In a bindery premise, even the end-of-line needs high-level quality, to not damage any of the products you’ve worked on so hard on. The goal is to prepare accurate pallets ready to be delivered.  If you do the work by hand, it is not only one of the heavier jobs, but also somehow dangerous: when stacks of books are not enough aligned, they can fall down (it…happens…), damaging a number of products and maybe also some operators too.

Since it was born, Solema designs palletizing machines for soft cover and hard cover books, glued and sewn book blocks, magazines, shrink wrapped stacks, carton box and newspapers.

Machines like the Pluton create pallets placing the products by moving them through gentle conveyors, never grabbing or clamping them. Think about the programmable compressed air throws to avoid any book cover curling during automatic movements, and you can have an idea on how the whole process is sophisticated. Custom-made automation allows you to get perfect pallets, stable, not crooked and skew as the ones hand-made, and all matching weight and height as set up on the touch screen. The results? They’re to speed up the process, reduce labor and raise the overall quality.

Perfect slots for valuable packaging

In the last Paper Flow event you have seen how much technique and precision are required to produce even the simplest partition, and how only Solema machines can provide them. In these days it still happens that some local manufacturers work totally by hand. But after many working hours even the most experienced operators can make some mistakes: slits become too short, slits that are too long, slits that are also too small, and an injury risk that is not negligible anymore. When they have to assemble partitions, they will encounter some difficulties, and they will have to waste part of the production.

When you can rely on automation, none of above-mentioned situations happen: all Solema machines are designed to respect the product and preserve its value. Cutting and assembling paperboard partitions – made of solid board, corrugated board, even finished board – are operations brought to maximum efficiency.