Synergy creates opportunities

Synergy creates opportunities

Professionalism and experience always at your side

The four Paper Flow companies make their professionalism and experience available to transform your ideas into high-class, valuable products: in particular, to provide genuine, high-performance responses to the ever-rising demands of a very discerning market, Peroni Ruggero is at your side in every phase, starting from a meticulous, expert consulting service.

To guarantee versatility and automation, instead of manual procedures, in finishing phases, the Peroni Ruggero team of sales managers and local agents acquires details of the needs of established and new customers. The sales team then passes the information to the technical team, who immediately get to work on free feasibility studies and develop 3D layouts of custom-designed plants; in other cases, it submits proposals for the customisation of standard equipment, to always offer made-to-measure solutions of superlative structure and quality.

The finishing specialists at your side

So before purchase, you enjoy not only the support of the sales team but also the assistance of the technical team, to define and prepare detailed, precise specifications to be used as the basis for the development of plant designs and their subsequent construction.
Moreover, to provide a clear, complete idea of the plants to be purchased, you will be given demonstration videos and also production samples using test materials, to verify and optimise future processes ahead of time.

You will also find that the Peroni Ruggero workshop will be delighted to welcome your maintenance engineers and production manager to check the suitability of the plants ordered prior to delivery, and to receive clear explanations of all functions, as well as instructions for adjusting the machinery to suit the various materials for processing.

Once the purchase has been made, installation is handled, step by step, everywhere in the world, by the Peroni Ruggero engineers, who personally perform every phase, from installation to setup, through to the training (in both mechanical and electronic aspects) of your staff.

Supporting you even after purchase

Then the Peroni Ruggero team is also at your side for any requirements in the aftersales phase, with remote assistance tools via dedicated modem, Skype or company smartphone to investigate possible failures and to support you effectively for the identification of any technical problems. What’s more, you can count on the swift, punctual delivery of spare parts, especially those most liable to wear.

So choosing Peroni Ruggero means enjoying the support of a team that assists you all the way, to give you the machinery you need to produce products of exceptionally high quality at faster speeds.