Synergy creates opportunities

Synergy creates opportunities

All the advantages of a service tailored for you

In a world where time is becoming relevant in every aspect, being able to fulfill specific requests is fundamental: an ability all of the PaperFlow companies try to achieve, even though they know very well that buying machinery is a complicated process made of long evaluation time, demo, trials and much more.

During this process, it is crucial to establish a deep connection between the customer buying and the company building the machinery: in Tecnomac you will find a trustworthy and reliable partner whose focus is to fulfill the customer’s needs.

Always by your side during every phase

Tecnomac follows every phase of the chain value: from design to production, from installation to post-sales assistance, in order to give you a quick reply and an excellent assistance service. 

Picking Tecnomac, you will count on qualified personnel, ready to answer to your needs and solve your problems. But first, the sales team will follow you during the selection phase in which they will help you choose the right equipment for you.

After the purchase, during the critical phase of the installation, you will be granted a preparation course for your machinery operators, a course given by specialized technicians that will teach your personnel how to be independent. This course will guide your operators through the different kinds of lamination, even the most difficult materials, such as cardboard and light paper, or the most intricate works, such as window lamination and cold foiling.

Even the post-sale experience will be delightful because Tecnomac takes the assistance of its customers very seriously: being at its clients’ service quickly makes it possible to act on your problems before they get out of hand.

This full-fledged service is then a convenience to you in terms of time and money. By buying Tecnomac machinery, you choose an all-rounded partner that guides you in your selection, teaches you during the installation and helps you in identifying your problems, just so that you can have the best experience.