Synergy creates opportunities

Synergy creates opportunities

Adding value to your products in a single flow

Choosing Paper Flow means having machines that cover the various Paper Processing and Paper Finishing phases in a single flow enabling you to raise your game. If manual processing is chosen, defects inevitably build up, while automation guarantees you constant high quality.

It is important for all phases to be carried out without errors: this is why each of the four companies that have created Paper Flow plays a fundamental role. In fact, the finishing phases could not deliver the expected results if, for example, the product for processing did not reach their machines flat, or if its plastic coating were still damp, or its geometry were not impeccable.

As we can see, during realisation of the Paper Flow diary, the product reaches the finishing phase in perfect condition, so the SCS Automaberg machines can operate effectively to add value to what has been created: the diary with a straight, hard cover undergoes further processing and its corners are rounded, upgrading its quality, which is enhanced with additional details such as the elastic band and the pen loop.

The touch that makes all the difference

These finishing operations are fundamental for increasing the item’s value, and so are the die-cutting processes. We all know, for example, how much more distinctive and attractive an unusually shaped flyer is than the standard rectangular type, or the popularity of shaped albums in children’s publishing.

To create products of this kind, you have to build on the various phases in the process, and only Paper Flow lets you do this! Sign up for our next event and find out how to raise your game