Synergy creates opportunities

Synergy creates opportunities

A hardcover notebook, made to perfection.

At COPI’S 2019, Paper Flow demonstrated the true meaning of working in synergy: before the watchful and excited eyes of the many visitors, the SCS Automaberg and Peroni machines, on display beside each other and used in conjunction with each other, completed the finishing process for a notebook, which was immediately dubbed the “Paper Flow Book”.

Three applications and three solutions for a single Paper Flow book.

The finishing process was performed at Paper Flow’s stand during COPI’S. It began with a cover that, using Tecnomac machines, had already been laminated to perfection. To achieve such a high quality result would have been impossible if the product hadn’t already been completely flat, if its lamination hadn’t been perfectly secured to the printer or if its boards hadn’t already been cut to perfection using Solema’s IDEALGANDRIA.

And so, the hardcover was positioned manually inside SCS Automaberg’s 2HCR before the visitors’ watchful eyes. It took just two steps for the punches to perfectly round off the four corners. Next to the 2HCR was the 2HCC, another SCS Automaberg product, which in just one step cut the corners of the Paper Flow Book block of sheets with a highly accurate cut.

But it didn’t end there. To create an even more refined product, our Paper Flow Book was then moved onto the Peroni Ruggero AGD/EI machine, which further embellished it by threading and glueing a flat elastic band onto the cover.

With the job finished, everyone expressed their amazement at the final product’s high quality and at how the machines had worked in conjunction and speedily. Indeed, one person said there and then that they were sold on the full three-machine system!

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